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What is the RMS annual fund? 

At the beginning of each year Riverwood Middle school has a fundraising drive which is a "write a check" style of fundraiser.  Money raised goes towards items for our school that are not covered in the HISD budget plus funds most of our PTA programs.  Incentives are given at different donation levels.  Please click on the brochure link above to view details. 


What does the school purchase with the money raised?

The needs of the school change from year to year.  Below is what was purchased in the past few years. 



  • classroom desks and chairs for 12 classrooms
  • chairs for both art classrooms
  • modular tables and chairs in our library to make it a functional space for teachers and students, giving them the ability to rearrange seating based on instructional need
  • 30 Chromebooks with cart
  • support of student learning through teacher professional development
  • 4 teachers attended the TCEA conference in February
  • 6 teachers attended the Schoology NEXT conference to explore how to better utilize the Schoology application with our students, teachers, and parents during the 2017-18 school year



  •  The purchase of a new state-of-the-art digital marquee
  • The addition of new computer workstations in the library
  • The addition of a Chromebook and iPad work station in the library
  • Professional Development at the TCEA (technology conference) for eight teachers; these teachers were then able to provide instruction to all teachers on a workday


What are the goals for this year's fundraising drive?

We are trying to raise 70,000.00!  The school would like to continue purchasing new furniture for the classrooms.  Most of the desks and chairs the students are using are original to the school.  A chair cost 45.00 and a desk cost 115.00.  The school would also like to look into a covered walkway to the entrance of the school on High Valley. 


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